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About GDX

GDX was founded in late 2014 by Smokey initially on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare along with his girlfriend Shortie861. For the first few months it was just them, Rainbow Six: Siege beta came out and Smokey met GDX Pride. After they both roasted a few noobs in a lobby they were in together they partied up and played for a few hours. After linking up and exchanging friend requests, Smokey recruited Pride into GDX. When Black Ops 3 rolled around Smokey, Shortie and Pride all got their copies and began playing together, doing pub stomps and scrims. Pride recruited his friend Jesse and after meeting Danny, recruited him into GDX as well who then became known as GDX Triqqa. The clan began to grow and Smokey started putting out some youtube videos. Some members are inactive at present with the only 2 active still playing regularly being Smokey and Shortie, however, with the release of the next Call of Duty. Things will become full circle and the clan will be reuniting for some more pub stomps. We also have plans of branching out into games like Overwatch as well as possibly return to Rainbow Six Siege.

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