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GDX Clan Roster

Smokey Smokey (Clan Leader)
Hi, I'm Anthony, I'm the founder & leader of Gamer Devils/GDX Clan. We started GDX back in 2014 on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We've since moved over to other CoD games as well as other titles such as Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. In addition to running & maintaining a clan on Xbox. I run a gaming/technology website called Revillution as well as a private server for the popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst - RevPSO.

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Shortie861 Shortie861 (Clan Co-Leader/Smokey's Baby Girl)
Hi there, I am Nikki. I am 31 years old. I co-own and run GDX. I enjoy gaming, spending time with friends and family, browsing forums and listening to music. Currently in a happy relationship with my boyfriend Anthony a.k.a Smokey.

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GDX Pride GDX Pride (Lieutenant)
Hey, I'm Pride. I'm the 3rd in command of GDX. I make people rage quit. Currently inactive at present.

IHateTheWorld12 IHateTheWorld12 (Clan Member)
Hey, I'm IHateTheWorld12/Jesse. Joined GDX mid 2015. Currently inactive at present.

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